Milo (Molly Bernard), a directionless twenty-something, is confronted with the inertia of her adult life after attending her best friend Noor's baby shower. After her roommate George (Robin de Jesus) bails on her for a Tinder date, Milo strikes up a conversation with Roger (Patrick Breen), an older gay man hanging out at her local bar. The conversation turns to children, and Roger reveals that he's always wanted a family, but has had multiple adoptions and surrogacies fall through. As the two get closer, spending nights hanging out at Roger's drag bar and drinking together, Milo decides to become his surrogate. As their relationship progresses, Milo grows increasingly attached to Roger. Sensing that Milo wants more of a continued relationship than he does, Roger begins to distance himself from her, and Milo must grapple with boundaries, emotional entanglement, and the weight of the decision she has made.
Running Time:
1 hr 41 min
Release Date:
May 21, 2021


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