Alun Armstrong

Alun Armstrong is known for his faithful dedication to the works of Charles Dickens, starring in numerous British television and stage adaptations of the author's novels. A member of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company and part of the original cast of Les Miserables, Armstrong first became known to audiences through the 1971 crime thriller "Get Carter" with Michael Caine. Afterwards he frequently guested on a wide array of British TV shows and specials including the comedy series "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?" and "A Sharp Intake of Breath." Armstrong's bushy eyebrows and stern countenance have not only made him an easy cast as a Dickens protagonist but have led him to a handful of supporting roles in fantasy-adventure films, including "Krull," "The Mummy Returns," and "Van Helsing." In 2005 his work in two different Dickens adaptations, the BBC series "Bleak House" and Roman Polanski's "Oliver Twist," drew accolades from critics.