André Turpin

Canadian cinematographer and director André Turpin was born in Quebec in 1966. He directed his very first film "Zigrail" in 1995. Although Turpin continued to direct movies sporadically throughout his career, he was best known as an accomplished cinematographer who worked on dozens of projects. Among his most praised work in this area was "Maelstrom" (2000), a film directed by Denis Villeneuve about a woman who has a chance encounter with a stranger after a near death experience. For his work on this movie, Turpin was awarded the Genie Award for Best Cinematography at the 21st Genie Awards. He received this honor again 10 years later for his work on the film "Incendies" (2010). Also directed by Villeneuve, the film follows a pair of twins who travel to the Middle East to learn about their father and to carry out their mother's final wishes. In 2001 Turpin directed the film "Soft Shell Man," about a young man with codependence issues. The film was Canada's submission to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in the year of its release. In 2014 Turpin worked on the movie "Mommy," directed by Xavier Dolan about the struggles of a widowed single mother attempting to raise her violent son.