Andrea Martin

Petite and wide-eyed under a mass of curls, Andrea Martin created several memorable characters as part of the troupe writing and performing on "Second City TV/SCTV/SCTV Network" (syndicated 1977-81; NBC 1981-83). Two of her more memorable creations were the gibberish-spouting cleaning woman Prini Schlerosi and the leopard-skin-clad, tightly wound TV station manager Edith Prickley. During the course of the show's run, Martin was nominated for 10 Emmy Awards for her writing (winning back to back awards in 1982 and 1983) and one for her characterizations. Following the end of that series, Martin maintained a steady career as a stage actress with high-profile roles on and off Broadway, while maintaining simultaneous careers as a comic character actress in film, most notably as the memorable Aunt Voula in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (2002) and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" (2016) and as a series regular on sitcoms "Difficult People" (Hulu 2015- ) and "Great News" (NBC 2017- ).