Ari Graynor

A favorite on the independent film circuit for over a decade, actress Ari Graynor gave expert portrayals of young women under duress in "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" (2008) and "For a Good Time, Call " (2012). She made an auspicious debut as Meadow Soprano's manic-depressive roommate on "The Sopranos" (HBO 1999-2007) before essaying variations on that role in numerous independent projects. Network television soon took note of her abilities, allowing Graynor to add appearances on "Veronica Mars" (UPN 2004-2007) to her growing c.v., which also included roles on Broadway in "Relatively Speaking" (2011). By the mid-2000s, Graynor was appearing in mainstream features like "Conviction" (2010), which eventually led to leading roles and producer duties in her own project, the raunchy comedy "For a Good Time, Call " Graynor's effortless turns in difficult roles, as well as her inherent versatility, minted her as an in-demand character actress in a wide variety of media.