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Austin Abrams

A self-proclaimed lover of television and theatre, child actor Austin Abrams was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Florida, where he began his dramatic training when he was five years old. Continuing to take acting lessons over the next several years, Abrams first appeared on stage at age nine. In his initial role in a theatre production, he portrayed the talking teacup Chip in "Beauty and the Beast." He then went on to act in "The Plexiglass Slipper," a musical take on the "Cinderella" tale, before going the Shakespearean route with a part in "The Winter's Tale." He also appeared in a staging of Brecht's "Life of Galileo" before beginning his film career in 2011. That year, despite his lack of screen credits, Abrams landed a substantial role in the straight-to-video thriller "Ticking Clock." The young actor shared the screen with stars Neal McDonough and Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. A dark, violent affair, "Ticking Clock" found the latter star playing a reporter who is tracking down a serial murderer. As a supporting actor, Abrams portrayed James, a young orphan with a grim past. Shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the film was helmed by director Ernie Barbarash, an action and sci-fi specialist.
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