Chad Faust

Handsome, strong-jawed, and sharp-witted, Canadian actor Chad Faust can convincingly convey anything from quippy comedy to serious commentary. He is perhaps best known, however, as a regular on popular sci-fi television. Before he even broke into acting, he started his show-business career as an independent filmmaker, helming his self-made meditation on artistic success, "We Ran Naked" (1999), when he was still a teenager. It wasn't until he appeared in the redemptive school shooting saga "Bang Bang You're Dead" ('02) that he emerged as a powerful on-screen performer. The part garnered him decidedly more satirical high-schooler roles in the cheeky slasher "Tamara" and the wicked religion send-up "Saved!" (which featured him as a gay Christian teen who was sent away to be "cured") as well as a lead role opposite Rosario Dawson in the brutal rape drama "Descent." On television, he consistently appears on some of prime-time's biggest genre hits. After riding bit appearances on shows such as creatively comic-based "Smallville" and a recurring role on the superhero epic "Heroes," he landed a part as one of the leads on the mysterious alien abduction series "The 4400," starring as the miraculously cured coma victim, Kyle Baldwin. In addition to frequently cropping up on the various spin-offs of the grisly "CSI" procedural franchise, Faust continues to write and produce his own short-film projects. He also moonlights as an independent recording artist.