Christopher D'Elia

While Christopher D'Elia was born and raised in New Jersey, his acting career didn't start until his family moved to Los Angeles in his teens. In high school, he appeared on a few episodes of "Chicago Hope" (CBS 1994-2000), but even that didn't really spark his acting career. He instead went off to college, before returning after a year because it didn't suit him. From there, he was cast in direct-to-video movie "Almost" (2004) and appeared on an episode of "Boston Legal" (ABC 2004-08) and "American Dreams" (NBC 2002-05). Shortly after, he paused acting, deciding to focus on stand-up comedy in 2006. He rose through the ranks in the scene, eventually reaching notoriety and opening up more acting roles that suited his comic sensibilities. After appearing on the show "Glory Daze" (TBS 2010-11), he starred alongside Whitney Cummings in "Whitney" (NBC 2011-13). That led to his starring turn in "Undateable" (NBC 2014-16), which was a heavily improvised show that was right up his alley. Along the way, he appeared on different Comedy Central specials, with his first one-hour "White Male Black Comic" (2013). Since then, he's added two more specials that aired on Netflix: "Incorrigible" (2015) and "Man On Fire" (2017).