David Ronn

While his work might not be everyone's taste, based on his career through the late 2000s, there is no denying David Ronn can write a hit comedy. Both he and writing partner Jay Scherick started out in series television; among their credits was the sitcom "Spin City," which starred Michael J. Fox as New York City's deputy mayor. Their involvement lasted from 1997 to 2000, during which time they also served as story editors and producers. After leaving "Spin City," they found success writing for the movies, earning most of their credits during the 2000s in vehicles for various comedic talents, among them "Guess Who" (a remake of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" with the main characters' races reversed) and "National Security" for Bernie Mac and Martin Lawrence, respectively. Both were hits and allowed Ronn and Scherick to endure the box office disappointment of "I Spy," based on the popular television series and starring Eddie Murphy. Their next collaboration with Murphy, the 2007 comedy "Norbit," which was co-written with the star and Charlie Murphy, performed very well despite negative critical reception.