Don Davis

Don Davis is a virtuoso film and television composer known for his horn-heavy, oftentimes unconventional compositions. Davis's career came full circle when, 17 years after he parodied John Williams's famous "Star Wars" score with an orchestration for the 1984 low-budget spoof "Hyperspace," he was recommended personally by Williams to take over musical responsibilities on "Jurassic Park II." In the interim, Davis proved to be an accessible-yet-avant-garde tunesmith capable of layering an aural patina on anything from a children's series ("Tiny Toons Adventures") to a grisly horror movie ("The House on Haunted to Hill"). In 1996, the instrumentally creative composer established a partnership with filmmaking duo Larry and Andy Wachowski on the Sapphic noir-flavored thriller "Bound." Their follow-up collaboration, "The Matrix," marked one of Davis's most groundbreaking achievements. His compositions for the sci-fi blockbuster, its sequels, and the animated spin-off anthology "The Animatrix" have been widely recognized for their experimentally polytonal nature, taking cacophonous risks to thrilling results. Among his many credits, Davis has produced similarly abstract, rip-roaring scores for such actioners as the brute chase movie "The Marine" and the stealthy wartime-survival adventure "Behind Enemy Lines."