Dwight Schultz

A respected performer on Broadway, Dwight Schultz found everlasting fame by playing the certifiable "Howling Mad" Murdock on the action series "The A-Team" (NBC, 1983-86). A living, breathing cartoon with a seemingly endless selection of voices and accents at his command, Murdock provided the air power for the A-Team's clandestine adventures, provided that his compatriots could break him out of the mental hospital where he resided. One of the show's most popular and memorable figures, Murdock ensured Schultz steady work on television in series like "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (syndicated, 1987-1994) and countless animated shows like "Chowder" (The Cartoon Network, 2007-10). However, little boys of all ages remembered him best as Murdock, and were pleased to see him make a guest appearance in the 2010 film version of "The A-Team."