Fred Melamed

Fred Melamed was widely known for his acting on the big screen. Melamed's earliest roles were in film, including "Lovesick" (1983) with Dudley Moore, the Woody Allen comedic drama "Hannah and Her Sisters" (1986) and the comedy adventure "Ishtar" (1987) with Warren Beatty. He also appeared in "The Pick-Up Artist" (1987), "Suspect" (1987) and "Another Woman" (1988). He continued to work steadily in film throughout the nineties and the 2010s, appearing in the Isaac Mizrahi dramedy "Hollywood Ending" (2002), the dramatic comedy "A Serious Man" (2009) with Michael Stuhlbarg and "The Dictator" (2012) with Sacha Baron Cohen. He also worked in television during these years, including a part on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (NBC, 1999-). More recently, he tackled roles in "In A World..." (2013), "HairBrained" (2014) with Brendan Fraser and the drama "Blumenthal" (2014) with Brian Cox. He also appeared in the Chadwick A Boseman musical drama "Get On Up" (2014) and the Bobby Cannavale comedic drama "Adult Beginners" (2015). Melamed most recently acted in the Pierce Brosnan romantic comedy "Some Kind Of Beautiful" (2015).