Garrett Hedlund

Where many model-turned-actors found it necessary to spend years proving themselves capable of doing credible work, small town country boy Garrett Hedlund went from obscurity to legitimacy only weeks after he landed in Los Angeles in pursuit of his passion for acting. Almost instantly, Hedlund found himself on Hollywood's radar as Patroclus in Wolfgang Petersen's epic "Troy" (2004), as well as one of the lead football players in the sports drama, "Friday Night Lights" (2004). Noteworthy for his portrayal as Mark Wahlberg's younger brother in crime thriller "Four Brothers" (2005), and for his role in the dragon fantasy "Eragon" (2006), Hedlund also made the occasional box-office misstep by appearing in the critically panned Lindsay Lohan drama, "Georgia Rule" (2007). That same year, Hedlund moved away from his "farmboy-thrust-into-the- big-city" image with the gritty "Death Sentence" (2007) and most importantly, made a fanboy splash as the lead in the highly-anticipated sci-fi sequel, "Tron: Legacy" (2010), garnering the greatest buzz in his career up until that time and virtually securing viable leading man status for years to come.