Gattlin Griffith

Gattlin Griffith's father was an already well-established stuntman when seven-year-old Gattlin tried out for his first production. He was soon appearing in a number of television shows and before he hit puberty was acting alongside such stars as Angelina Jolie and Kevin Costner. Born in the Southern California town of Santa Clarita in November 1998, Gattlin Griffith grew up loving horses, which is pretty natural for the son of a stuntman and the grandson of rodeo stars Dick and Connie Griffith. Football came in a close second for the young Griffith; he continued to play even after his acting career took off. He got his start when he accompanied his father for a commercial audition at the tender age of seven. From there the opportunities simply continued to come to Gattlin. School, football and the occasional television show appearance continued until 2008, when he scored his first major film role, playing opposite Angelina Jolie in the Clint Eastwood-directed thriller "Changeling" (2008). While continuing to guest on TV shows including the fantasy hit "Supernatural" (WB 2005- ) and the mystery lark "Castle" (ABC 2009-16), Griffith began to look at film as his next big step. He appeared as a young Hal in "Green Lantern" (2011), as well as a supporting role opposite Neal Housman in the gothic horror film" Under the Bed" (2012). His next major role came as the taciturn son of damaged mother Kate Winslet in the Jason Reitman drama "Labor Day" (2013).