Greg Bryk

A former football player for Queen's University in Ontario, Canadian Greg Bryk used his athleticism to transition into a career as an actor playing soldiers, firefighters, criminals and other assorted toughs. Taking numerous minor roles in Canadian television series throughout the early 2000s (often in programs with a sci-fi bent), his career surged in 2005 after he was picked to portray a thuggish robber in legendary fellow countryman David Cronenberg's acclaimed "A History of Violence." Two years later, Bryk landed a spot in the outlandish, aptly titled action film "Shoot 'Em Up," supporting the likes of Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci. After playing a commando in 2008's "The Incredible Hulk," Bryk went back to portraying a criminal, this time in the gruesome "Saw V." The film found the actor portraying a drug-abusing arsonist, a role he would briefly reprise in "Saw 3D," the 2010 entry from the same series. Between his work in these two horror films, Bryk kept busy by returning to Canadian television, guesting on several series--including a villainous six episode arc on the family-friendly adventure show "Aaron Stone." He also appeared in the action comedy "Red," before becoming a regular on the thriller "XIII: The Series," another Canadian program.