Jimmy Bennett

California native Jimmy Bennett wasted no time getting his foot in Hollywood's door. At the age of six, Bennett first started landing roles in TV commercials, and in 2002, he transitioned to actual shows, racking up guest roles on the crime-drama "The Guardian" and the family-drama "Judging Amy." But Bennett's career soared to new heights when he earned a scene-stealing role as Tony (a youngster who desperately wants to be superhero "The Flash") in the Eddie Murphy-starring comedy "Daddy Day Care." That particular film was a critical disaster, but audiences ate up the wackiness, and as a result, Bennett was provided with major exposure. Throughout the 2000s, the young actor seemed to be everywhere at once, juggling TV and film roles with the ease of a veteran twice his age. He found TV guest parts on the crime drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and the small town drama "Everwood," though he made his biggest impression on the big screen, landing quality side roles on films like the Bruce Willis-starring crime-drama "Hostage," the Steve Carell-starring comedy sequel "Evan Almighty," and the creepy thriller "Orphan." Bennett is also an aspiring musician--notably, he wrote and performed the song "Summer Never Ends" for the closing credits of the family comedy "Shorts" (in which he also starred).