John Frizzell

Film composer John Frizzell began his lifelong passion for music singing soprano with the National Cathedral Choir, the Paris Opera Company, and the Metropolitan Opera Company. Puberty altered his voice and he shifted gears to jazz guitar, a move that channeled him into music composition. After studying at USC and the Manhattan School of Music, he met up with legendary producer Michael Mainieri at Centerfield Productions, where Frizzell learned to synthesize digital music on the Synclavier. After a few years in the music industry, he moved to Los Angeles in the mid 1990s, where he worked with composer James Newton Howard (his mentor) on the thriller "The Rich Man's Wife" and the volcano actioner "Dante's Peak." He branched out on his own after that, across a wide spectrum of styles, composing the scores for such notable films as the Civil War drama "Gods and Generals," the gross animated comedy "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America," and the supernatural thriller "Legion." Frizzell is a frequent collaborator with Mike Judge and he has scored Judge's office angst comedy"Office Space" and his animated comedy series "King of the Hill."