Kevin Dillon

While older brother and early 1980s heartthrob Matt Dillon received the lion's share of fan mail and meaty leading roles throughout both their careers, younger sibling Kevin Dillon gravitated toward character parts, with ingratiating performances in a wide variety of films and television projects. His New York accent and flinty demeanor assured him of tough guy parts in movies like "Platoon" (1985) and "A Midnight Clear" (1992), but he could play funny too, in films like "Heaven Help Us" (1985), as well as play sensitive in "Immediate Family (1989). Television offered more rewarding parts for Dillon in the late 1990s and 2000s - with the year 2004 providing him the chance to shine apart from the famous last name when was cast as Johnny Drama, the hapless older brother of a movie superstar, in "Entourage" (HBO, 2004-11) - a part he could, no doubt, play in his sleep. He earned numerous awards and nominations for his alternately hilarious and touching performance, finally receiving the recognition that had long escaped him while in the shadow of his famous brother.