Kevin Downes

With over 15 years of writing, directing, acting, and production experience, Kevin Downes has an impressive list of projects under his belt, most of them faith-based movies or series. Downes grew up in Visalia, California, a town three hours north of Los Angeles, which has been the site of many of the Christian-themed films that he and his friends have made. Kevin has stated that his goal is to produce high-quality films that share a message of hope, faith, and love that stem from a personal relationship with God. Kevin wrote and produced the 1999 movie "The Moment After," in which FBI agents investigate a mass disappearance. He also wrote, produced, and directed the 2004 feature-length film "SIX: The Mark Unleashed." In addition to this work, Downes has acted in "The Crossing," "The End of the Harvest," and "Mercy Streets." It seems that Christian values and a love of entertainment run in the family, as Downes is the younger brother of Bobby Downes, the founder and CEO of, a company designed to allow small and independent faith-based movies to find distribution. The website also acts as an online store for Christian films as well as news articles about the Christian film-industry, and interviews with filmmakers. Kevin Downes and his wife Catherine continue to live in Visalia.