Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln Lewis is no stranger to the spotlight: his father, Wally, is widely considered one of the greatest rugby players of all time and, after a career in coaching, he became a television sportscaster. Therefore it is not surprising that Lewis was eager to begin acting early in adolescence. In 2003 he made an appearance on the popular children's television series "The Sleepover Club." In 2006, Lewis starred in the horror film "Voodoo Lagoon" and appeared in the Emma Roberts fantasy comedy "Aquamarine." By 2007, Lewis' career began to take off after he joined the cast of the long-running television drama "Home and Away," on which he appeared until 2010. He also found time to appear on the family drama series "H2O: Just Add Water" in 2008 as well as the hit reality talent show "Dancing With the Stars" (he was eliminated after eight episodes). In 2010, Lewis starred as Kevin Holmes in the action-drama film "Tomorrow, When the War Began," an adaptation of John Marsden's bestselling teen novel. The film revolves around a group of teenagers who fight against invaders threatening their Australian hometown. Lewis returned to television in 2011, appearing on both the drama series "SLiDE" as well as the crime series "Underbelly."