Louis Mandylor

This good-looking, olive-complexioned, hunky younger brother of actor Costas Mandylor looked as if he were an athlete, and, indeed, he was--an amateur soccer player and professional boxer in his native Australia, where he also doubled as a stuntman and a doorman/bouncer at a disco. After his brother had some success in Hollywood, Mandylor followed and won a guest appearance on a 1991 episode of "China Beach" and a bit part as an Australian football player in "Necessary Roughness" (1991). His first series role was as the womanizer Aldo in the Fox sitcom "Down the Shore" (1992-93), which was followed by a recurring role on the ABC sitcom "Grace Under Fire." After appearing in several unsuccessful pilots, Mandylor won the role of Roger, one of Nancy McKeon's confidantes and friends, on the short-lived CBS sitcom "Can't Hurry Love" (1995-96). In 1996, he reunited with his "Down the Shore" co-star Anna Gunn to support Jean-Claude Van Damme in the actioner "The Quest."