Ludi Lin

From a young age, Ludi Lin was a worldly traveler. Born in China, Lin spent the majority of his younger days going to school in Australia. But just the two countries weren't enough, as he crossed the Pacific near the end of his teenage years and emigrated to Canada, where he studied theater at the University of British Columbia. Following that, he spent time in Los Angeles where he honed his acting skills and studies. In his early 20s, he mostly appeared in short films, making his professional acting debut in "The Intruders" (2011). At the end of 2012, he appeared in the Lifetime holiday movie "Holiday Spin" (2012). The next few years were quiet for Lin, though he appeared in the Chinese blockbuster "Monster Hunt" (2015) and in the second season of "Marco Polo" (Netflix 2014- ). Further luck struck when he landed the part of Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger, in "Power Rangers" (2017).