Mark Snow

Legendary composer Mark Snow has earned over a dozen Emmy Award nominations for his work in music for television. Snow studied at New York's prestigious High School of Music and Art and Juilliard. At these schools Snow became good friends with fellow composer Michael Kamen. After rooming together at Juilliard the pair formed "The New York Rock 'N' Roll Ensemble" in which they toured and performed for five years before Snow turned to composing for television in the mid-1970s. He wrote music for the series the police drama "The Rookies," the action show "Hart to Hart," and the supernatural show "The Next Step Beyond." Snow continued to write music for TV series in the 1980s, but is best known for writing the eerie theme song for 1993's cult science fiction series "The X-Files." Snow was regarded as one of the top music composers for television at the time, creating dark, eerie soundscapes, and continued to get offers to write theme songs for mystery and horror series like "Millennium," "Harsh Realm," and "Pasadena" in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 2001, Snow began composing music for the teen cult superhero series "Smallville," adding to an already stellar career. Snow also wrote the music for the supernatural drama "Ghost Whisperer" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2005, and continued to write into the 2010s by scoring the horror film "The Hunters."