Marques Houston

In 1992, at just 11 years of age, Marques "Batman" Houston became the driving vocal force behind the helium harmonies of Los Angeles-based, prepubescent R&B trio Immature. The group spent a decade together as a pet project of manager Christopher B. Stokes and tried to lose the gimmick by renaming themselves IMx in 1999. When the group broke up in 2002, Houston became a solo artist and Stokes recruited him as a production partner. The pair produced tracks for Destiny's Child and discovered teen R&B group B2K. Houston co-starred as aspiring b-boy Elgin in the urban dance film and B2K vehicle "You Got Served" (2004). Upon B2K's break-up, he and Stokes began producing lead singer Omarion. The move mirrored Houston's own musical trajectory. His acting career has run parallel to his career in music, and started in 1992 with "Bébé's Kids," an unsuccessful animated feature and pop-culture artifact based on a bit by comedian Robin Harris. Houston's supporting role as popular character Kevin Barnes on the father-daughter sitcom "One on One" between 2004 and 2006 led to a lead role in a spin-off, the short-lived barbershop sitcom "Cuts," which paired him with "American Pie" alum Shannon Elizabeth. His fifth album, 2007's "Mattress Music," included new collaborations with fellow former members of Immature.