Mikhaïl Ahooja

Mikhail Ahooja was a Canadian actor best known for his portrayal of the infamous activist Bernard Lortie in the 2013 film "La maison du pêcheur." Ahooja always aspired to become an actor. He attended the Cégap Marie-Victorin public college in Montreal, Quebec where he graduated with a degree in Theater in 2006, and also joined the city's improv group, Ligue d'improvisation montréalaise. A couple of years after graduating, Ahooja made his feature film debut in a small role in the 2008 French independent film "Tout est parfait" ("Everything Is Fine"). Over the next few years, Ahooja busied himself with small projects on television, which included a guest role in the youth-centric drama, "Tactik" (Télé-Québec 2009-2013) and the Canadian series "Penthouse 5-0" (Radio-Canada 2011). Meanwhile, Ahooja also continued to be active with theater and the improv scene in between television and short film roles. In 2013, he starred in his first lead role in a feature film. He took on the challenging role of Bernard Lortie in "La maison du pêcheur" ("The Fisherman's House"). The film dramatized one of the events collectively known throughout Canada as the "October Crisis," focusing on the kidnapping and murder of the Vice Premier and Cabinet Minister Pierre Laporte, by Lortie and other members of the separatist radical Marxist group Front de libération du Québec.