Milo Ventimiglia

While actor Milo Ventimiglia initially found success by playing brooding, angry teens on primetime television, the actor's off-screen reputation as a well-behaved, focused professional who preferred to stay out of the spotlight secured his success. Ventimiglia spent years as a bit player until his role as Rory Gilmore's troubled teen suitor on "Gilmore Girls" (WB, 2000-07) earned widespread recognition. He subsequently explored ne'er do well teenagers on television shows including "American Dreams" (NBC, 2002-05) and in the final "Rocky" film, "Rocky Balboa" (2006), after which Ventimiglia transitioned to adult roles as the star of NBC's hit drama, "Heroes" (NBC, 2006-10). The actor was ideally cast in the role of a medical caregiver with superpowers, and displayed a blend of brains, inner turmoil, and death-defying heroism that heralded the arrival of a mature and very appealing star.