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Nicholas Hammond

Actor Nicholas Hammond began acting at the ripe age of 13. Hammond began his acting career appearing mainly in films, such as the James Aubrey dramatic adaptation "Lord of the Flies" (1963), the dramatic adaptation "The Sound of Music" (1965) with Julie Andrews and the Charlton Heston action film "Skyjacked" (1972). He also appeared in the Bob Crane comedy "Superdad" (1974) and "Spider-Man Strikes Back" (1978). He worked in series television while getting his start in acting, including a part on "The Brady Bunch" (ABC, 1969-1974). His film career continued throughout the eighties and the nineties in productions like "Spider-Man The Dragon's Challenge" (1980), "Beyond My Reach" (1990) and "The Black Cobra 2" (1990). He also appeared in the thrilling mystery "Frauds" (1993) with Phil Collins. More recently, he continued to act in the action picture "Irresistible Force" (1995) with Stacy Keach, "Paradise Road" (1997) with Glenn Close and "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles" (2001) with Paul Hogan. He also appeared in the Rose Byrne dramatic adaptation "The Rage in Placid Lake" (2004) and "Stealth" (2005). Hammond most recently acted in the Dominic Purcell action flick "Turkey Shoot" (2015).
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