Peter Suschitzky

Capable cinematographer of Hollywood and European films with a flair for the fantastic whose works span genres from stage adaptations ("A Midsummer Night's Dream" 1968) to fantasy ("Krull" 1983) to cerebral horror ("Dead Ringers" 1988). Suschitzky began working in documentaries and commercials before entering features in the mid 1960s with "It Happened Here" (1966). He went on to lens such high profile features as "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975) and "The Empire Strikes Back" (1982). Suschitzky began a fruitful association with horror maestro David Cronenberg shooting the unnerving psychological (and gynecological) character study "Dead Ringers," wherein he artfully conveyed the twin terrors of sterile surgical rooms and profoundly messy minds and lives. The collaboration continued with his lensing of the writer-director's screen adaptations of "Naked Lunch" (1991) and "M. Butterfly" (1993). In the former, Suschitzky made the psychic delirium of heat and drugs in novel visually palpable. The while the latter was a more traditional if no less accomplished looking Hollywood period film.