Robert Rusler

Robert Rusler began acting straight out of high school, which made him a natural choice for his first role--on the boarding-school sitcom "The Facts of Life." Bursting onto the Hollywood scene, Rusler was quickly cast in two cult classics of the '80s. The first, the John Hughes sci-fi comedy "Weird Science," became an instant classic. The second, the horror flick "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge," gave Rusler a more central role as a high-schooler fighting a killer who lives in dreams. This led to leading parts in other teenage films. His next movies, the skateboarder movie "Thrashin'" and the comedy "Shag," were moderately entertaining but relied on his athletic looks rather than acting ability. His first opportunity to explore his dramatic range came in 1990 with Francis Ford Coppola's mini-series "The Outsiders," a spin-off of his critically acclaimed film version of the S.E. Hinton book. Continuing to explore dramatic roles, Rusler found work playing Lieutenant Warren Keffer on the cult sci-fi series "Babylon 5." Since leaving the show in 1995, Rusler struggled to find consistent work, taking small film parts and one-off roles on a number of TV series.