Roger Daltrey

Arguably one of the most commanding singers in rock-n-roll history, Roger Daltrey delivered maximum power as frontman for Britain's legendary the Who, from their inception in the early 1960s through their rise to international fame with the albums Tommy (1962), Who's Next (1971) and Who Are You (1978) and subsequent reunions over a period of nearly five decades. His seemingly innocent appearance belied his incredible vocal range, which reached from a blues-driven growl to an ear-shattering scream, as evidenced by his cathartic exclamation at the end of 1971's "Won't Get Fooled Again." His singing talents and undeniably masculine stage presence led to a string of acting roles, most notably as the titular hero in Ken Russell's adaptation of "Tommy" (1975) and as a determined bank robber in "McVicar" (1980). Daltrey began releasing solo records in 1973. He rejoined Townshend and Entwhistle in 1989 to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary, which led to a string of subsequent reunion tours and a well-received album, Endless Wire (2006). Still astonishingly fit and firm of voice into his sixth decade, Roger Daltrey's enduring strength and charisma made him one of rock's most memorable frontmen, with a pair of late-career milestones, an R&B set with guitarist Wilko Johnson .iGoing Back Home (2014) and his first solo album since 1992, Now That I Have You (2018), proved there was still much to offer.