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Shia LaBeouf

Few of the 21st century class of teen actors enjoyed as meteoric a rise as Shia LaBeouf, who was elevated from kid TV star to bankable movie lead in such Hollywood blockbusters as "Transformers" (2007) and "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" (2008). Though an Emmy winner for his performance as an excitable grade schooler on the Disney sitcom "Even Stevens" (The Disney Channel, 2000-03), he initially remained a celebrity solely in the eyes of the 'tween' set. However, the quick wit and easy-going charm he displayed in the youth-oriented features "Holes" (2003) and "The Greatest Game Ever Played" (2004) earned him notice from major players like Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay who would both keep an eye on the promising youth. With his high-profile role in the bona fide hit thriller "Disturbia" (2006) LaBeouf proved he could open a movie. He solidified his new A-list status the following year with a starring role in Michael Bay's special effects extravaganza, "Transformers." Only his turn as the Brando-like greaser son of Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in the highly anticipated "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" could top that double shot of screen success. Though he made news by running afoul of the law on more than one occasion, LaBeouf transcended his off-screen problems with "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" (2010) and "Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon" (2011), which maintained his status as Hollywood's star du jour.
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