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Todd Sandler

Todd Sandler was an actor who worked in television most of his Hollywood career. Sandler kickstarted his acting career appearing on various television sitcoms, including "Everybody Loves Raymond" (CBS, 1996-2005), "The King of Queens" (CBS, 1998-2007) and "The West Wing" (NBC, 1999-2006). He additionally landed roles in the TV movies "Twice Upon a Time" (Lifetime, 1998-99) and "Above Suspicion" (USA, 2000-01). Additionally, he later acted in "Dark Asylum" (2001). Recently, he tackled roles on "Las Vegas" (2003-08), "Cold Case" (CBS, 2003-2010) and "House" (Fox, 2004-2012). He also appeared in "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS, 2005-2014) and "Rules of Engagement" (CBS, 2006-2013). Most recently, Sandler acted on "Back In The Game" (ABC, 2013-14).
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